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Train Workers

Sepia tone, Mobile and Ohio Employees, "Brothers of the Brush" ca. 1890

Louis Young at the Corinth Depot


Railroad workers in front of #486 Train

Black and white crew for steam engine from Corinth to Memphis,pictured are Robert Crum and Ike Ready - brakemen; CM Tennyson- engineer; and JN Mohundro - firemen

Worker on Railroad

Train picking up mail at the Depot

Two men standing beside train

Four men standing beside train in July 1968

Train Wrecks

Corinth Train Wreck

Men viewing train wreck

1941 Seminole Train Wreck

1941 Seminole Train Wreck

Tornado blew train car over fence, 1963


Last steam engine between Corinth and Memphis, pictured: CM Tennyson - engineer and John King - 2nd engineer

Number 107 Train

#49 Mobile and Ohio Train

Gulf Mobile and Ohio Car on Tracks

Gulf Mobile and Ohio Car on Tracks

Print of painting by Tony Howe of the Rebel

The Tennessean

Copy of picture of the City of Miami passenger train

Snapshots of 1987 Special Southern Train

Best Friend of Charleston Reproduction Train

Corinth Counce Rail Car Carrying Logs

Corinth Counce Rail Car


Corinth Counce Rail Car

Corinth Counce Rail Car Tour

Information on Trains courtesy of Lyndall Gurley

When They Drove the Golden Spike

A Steam Passenger Train

An Electric Passenger Train

Streamline Passenger Trains

A Passenger Station in a Big City

Buying Tickets in the Station

A City Ticket Office

The Conductor and Engineer Compare Watches

The Locomotive Engineer in the Cab

The Conductor Signals "All Aboard"

In the Passenger Coach

Preparing Dinner in the Dining Car Kitchen

Traveling in the Pullman Car

Sightseeing from the Observation Car

Soldiers on the Move

Loading the Baggage Car

Sorting Mail in the Railway Post Office Car

How the Train Catches the Mail Bag

A Locomotive Taking on Water

The Roundhouse and Turntable

In the Locomotive Erecting Shop

The Car Inspector at Work

A Train Crossing a Bridge

A Train Entering the Tunnel

Where We Stop, Look, and Listen

The Track Repairmen at Work

The Train Dispatcher

Signals Flash Their Messages

A Freight Train on the Road

The Caboose

The Brakeman Uncouples the Cars

Loading a Box Car

In a Railway Freight Station

Pick-up and Delivery Service

Where Freight Trains Are Made Up

Grain Goes to Market

Icing the Refrigerator Cars

Loading Spinach into a Refrigerator Car

Bananas Come by Ship and Rail

Livestock Arriving at Stockyards

Fresh Meats on the Way to Market

Bringing Milk to the City

Forest Products Move by Rail

Loading Coal Cars at the Mine

Dumping Coal from Cars to Ships

Railroads Serve Seaports

Speeding Military Equipment by Rail

A Railroad Storehouse and Material Yard

In the Railroad Office

Railroads Carry Anything, Anytime

Railway Trade-Marks



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