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Civil War Camps

Building Layout from
Civil War Corinth

Camp Montgomery

Camp Montgomery

Camp Montgomery

Union Soldiers in the Old Confederate Quarters

52nd Illinois Officers' Cabin

52nd Illinois Camp in Corinth, Capt D. C. Newton Co. "D" Headquarters

52nd Illinois, Row of Cabins with Guns Stacked

52nd Illinois Camp, Row of Cabins

52nd Illinois Camp, Bowen and Wilcox House

Corinth Camp of the 57th Illinois

Commissary Building of the 66th Illinois at Camp Davies

Stockade Camp of Company D, 66th Illinois, Birge's Western Sharpshooters, and the 5th Ohio Cavalry at Camp Davies

Gen. Tom Sweeny's Headquarters

Camp Robinette

Federal Soldiers around a Wooden Buildings (two are identified Surgeon Rohr and Captain Dona C Keaton?)

Federal Camp

Federal Camp

Federal Camp

Armstead and White
Photo Gallery

Battery F

Confederate Siege Lines (Beauregard)

statue of Old Abe at Vicksburg Nat'l Military Park

Shiloh Spring

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