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Corinth celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 1954. All photos contained in this collection were given to The Crossroads Museum by the Northeast Mississippi Regional Library. The photos were taken by local photographer Grady Peery.


We Love a Parade!

Charles Caviness (Centennial Official)

Frank K. Hughes, Jameson C. Jones, Ely B. Mitchell, Dixie Hancock and Ann Anderson (left to right)

Bill Barkdale, Jackson, MS.

Hurry Back, Governor White!

Sketch of Governor Hugh White on Alcorn County Court House by Charles Stewart

Govenor Hugh White (center)

Ely B. Mitchell, Jameson C. Jones, and Frank K Hughes (Colonels on Gov. White's staff)

A Lotta Cake for One Little Girl

Dot McKewen, Jim Galyean and Geneva Lail

Plunkety-plunk and plunkety-plink

Roy Hendrix

Betty Bradley and Janie Bush (rear)

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Gant

Janie Bush

More Farm Young Folks

Carolyn Ginn

Nina Ann Biggers, 4-H Club Float

Farm Young Folks

James Mitchell, Steve Stevens, James Harris and O.E. Spencer

O.M. Wood, Marijean Hardin, Mary Sue Morrison, Virginia Galyean, Mary Dean Perry & "Bo"Perry; Kneeling - Richard Heyer, Frank Bryant, and J.L. Borroum, Lon Taylor Jr. (wounded banker)

First Aid for "Banker" Lon Taylor, Jr, wounded by the James Boys

The Sheriff's Posse Gives Chase

The James Boys Escape from the Posse

Prize Winning Brothers of the Brush' (L-R) Alonzo Gallaher,Paden Nash, Lawrence Phifer, John Roaten, "Red" Poindexter,and John Stanford

Part of the Crowd that Witnessed Reenactment of the James Boys'Hold-up of the Tishomingo Savings Institution

Virgie Heyer (left center) and Joe Forrest Potts (deep center)

Joe Forrest Potts (left center) and a part of the curious crowd

Mary Kirk Adams and Capt. W.C. Adams and grandchildren

Hugh E. Ray III and some of the crowd

Virgie Heyer (left front center) and Mildred Fry (center)

Grady Peerey

Lillian Peerey

Mary Warriner Williams, "The Pause that Refreshes"

Mrs. Grady Peerey

Lillian and Grady Peerey

Dorothy Burkitt and Pat Huggins, Humboldt, TN

Robert (Bob) Dalton

Doyle Young

R.M. Brunet

Mrs. Grady Peerey and Phyllis Gibson

Grady Peerey

Mr. and Mrs. Hurshell Copeland, Glen, MS

Dr. Stanley A. Hill

Mrs. John Billingsley

Macon Lamberth and Parker Tankersley

Bill Hooten, Memphis, TN, and Cletus Smith

Mrs. J.A. Borroum, Sr., Lillian Peerey and Vivien Sweat take time out for refreshments

Macon Lamberth, Commander, Perry A Johns Post No. 6 American Legion

Kangaroo Court Metes out Punishment - N.S. Sweat Jr. (judge),Albert Miller (with bucket), Bratton Burgess (in stocks), Floyd McEwen (with billy)

Richard Heyer and Mary Sue Morrison

Irene Sharp, Marijean Hardin, Betty Hardin, Mary Lena Perry(rear), Dr. Ellis Perry, Bill Hardin, "Bo" Perry, Mary Sue Morrison, Richard Heyer, Lon Taylor Jr., and Frank Bryant

Bill McPeters, Robert Heyer, W.E. Counce, and John D. Mercier

John D. Mercier and Robert Heyer Jr.

Robert Heyer Jr.

Jesse James (Bill McPeters) Horse

Robert Heyer Jr. and John D. Mercier

The Letdown After the Holdup

W.E. Counce and Bill McPeters

Bill McPeters (Jesse James) and Robert Heyer Jr.

Freddie Gardner

When A Feller Needs a Friend

Elwyn Price and Beulah Mae Price

Candle Steen

Policeman "Boots" Carroll

Mrs. Roy Richardson and Gwyn Richardson

"It's Comin' Thattaway!"

"Good Night" - First Prize Winner Gown Contest

Inez Merrill Varnado

Carl Norwood, Jr. and Mallie Norwood

Mrs. Zelford Smith and Donna Lynn Smith

Virginia Ann Jones, Mrs. Virginia Jones and Dr Ellis Perry

Judges "Sisters of the Swish"

Vicki and Frank Berry, Jr.

Mrs. Hugh B Latta, Buddy Bane and Fernand Brackstone

Page Sherlock Holmes---Who is Madame "X"?

Mrs. Sam Farris and Mrs. Robert L Burns

Mary Jo Bennett

Louise Bennett and Mary Jo Bennett

"Pie" Peerey

Mary Jo Bennett

Gavin and Effie Sewell

Packed Like Sardines

Mrs. Pat Huggins, Humboldt, TN, Mrs. Dorothy Burkitt

Pearl Hight, Harley Hight (front), Mary Kirk Adams, and granddaughter, Capt. V.C. Adams (center) and Mrs. Guy H. Chambers (right)

Mrs. Grady Peerey

Peggy Stevenson

Luther Hutson, Mary Francis Hutson, and daughter, Carolyn Hutson

At Corinth Lions Club Cold Drink Stand

Mrs. John Roaten

Nancy Bray (front), Mrs. Moss Doran, Martha Doran (left), and Mrs. Sam Nolen (right)

Mary Jo Bennett

Nelda McClamroch, Martha Young, Diane Burnett and Ann Anderson

Mary Jo Bennett, Mrs. T.H. Dorsey, and Mrs. Grady Peery

Robert Heyer Jr.

Final Curtain - The Great Bank Robbery


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