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Corinth celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 1954. All photos contained in this collection were given to The Crossroads Museum by the Northeast Mississippi Regional Library. The photos were taken by local photographer Grady Peery.


Mike Madden

We are for TVA, 100 percent

Ann Murphy

O.T. Holder, Jr, Mrs. Viola Banks, and O.T. Holder, Sr

Neva and Cliff Seymour (rear)

Cliff Seymour

Jas. B. Wilson, Jewel Wilson and W.D. Wilson of Memphis, TN

W.D. Wilson, Memphis, TN, Mrs. Jas. B. Wilson

Hillman Mathis, Jr.

Wirth Counce

Claudia Borden and Ruth Harris

Carl T. WIlliams

Mrs. Ralph Dodd, Ralph Dodd, Andre Dodd, and Myra Dodd

W.B. Gatlin

Fred Thiesen, Connie Wilkins of Memphis, TN, and Darville Andrews (rear right)

Peggy Voyles

Darktown Strutters

Charlotte Wheeler

Ann Thompson

Rodney Simmons, Hillie Coleman and a Wagonload

Beware of the Dog!

Lloyd Gann III

Jenny Warriner

Johnny Norwood, Brodie McManus (walking)

Charley Betts and Colored School Children

Diane Box

Betty Barkley and Donna Johnson

Larry Bonds and Gorman Bonds

Barbara Timlake and Molly McAmis (on awning)

Colored School Children

Marjorie Babb (front) and little sister

Freddie Green

Colored School Children

Is He Taking the Pup Along for Bait?

Sherrill Bennett

Bill Johnson and Jimmy Laughlin

Patsy Robinson

Joan Wroten

Bicycle Brigade

A Tyke on his Bike

Paul White and Tricycle Troop

Scotty McDearman

Martha Doran

Martha Richardson and Janet Isom

Does It Look Like Rain?

Marching Down Waldron Street

Linda Kitchens

Dicky Armstrong

Carolyn Mason and LInda Stephenson

Kay and Jane Smith

Tommy Cooper

Carolyn Payne

Maynette McEwen and Minna Madden

Johnny Norwood and Brodie McManus

That's What I Call Walkin' the Dog

A String of Pearls

Kay Estes

Sheila Kelly

Three-Legged Boy????

The "Chief" Attraction

Mary Jo Bennett and Janet Isom

Mrs. Earl Warford

June Carroll

Geneva Lail

Sherry Perkins

The Catfish Queen, Savannah, TN, float

Mabel McRae and Dr. Maury H. McRae

Gracie Harrison and Pheobe Hopper

Kiltie Band, 8710th Air Force Reserve, Bud Ray (left)

Greta Timlake and Nelda McClamroch

Kiltie Band, 8710 th Air Force Reserve

Brother of the Brush Caravan

They're Made of Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

R.O. McKewen, Becky Walker, and Annette Dees

Jackie Lou Darr and Kitty Lu Cain

Paula Sue Miller, Myra Dodd, and Sarah Elizabeth Galyean

Cammy Isom

Martha Young, Martha Isom, Shirley Murrah, Diane Burnett, Peggy Faires, Jo Ann Biggers, Dixie Hancock and Ann Anderson

Elbow A. Kimbo

Phyllis Gimbo

David McAlister Raley, Mrs. Lillian Raley, Harold Paul Raley,and Mrs. Kathryn (Catchy) Graves

"Pie" Peerey and some of the Town's Tots

Janalee Holley and "Pie" Peerey

Rufus McKewen

Jas. A. Feltman, Mrs. Jas. A. Feltman, Osteen Smith, and Mrs. Osteen Smith

Mack Nash

Macon Lamberth, Mike Lamberth and Rufus McKewen

Mrs. Howard Hopkins

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Clark


Danny Phillips (front), John Edward Phillips, Mrs. John Edward Phillips and Sue Curtis

Ludia Blankenship and Sarah Blankenship


Geraldine Phillips (second row, right)

Mrs. Marcus Ross, Mrs. Mae McNair and Miss Ross

Wirth Counce

Dave Ajax

Sunbonnet Sues and Freddie Green

Edwin Ray, Jr. and Dave Palmer

Willard Hutson

Mrs. Maud Cameron

Sidney Hopkins, Mrs. Mary Eva Hopkins, and Mrs. Marcus Ross(front row)

O.K. Stephenson

Jim Smith and O.K. Stephenson

John and Larry Jack Stanford

Judge N.S. (Soggy) Sweat

Mr. and Mrs. Horace Spear

Dr. Irvin Mauldin

Luther Brown, Iuka, MS and Francis Spear, and baby (rear)

Interested Spectator

Patsy Dicus and Marie Dicus

Mrs. John D. Haynes

Mary Warriner Williams and Kenneth Williams

Eleanor Liddon and Robert C. Liddon III

Mrs. Fred C. Myers

Betty Lynch

Augusta Richardson

Barbara McPeters

Tommie Cooper, Myrtle Cooper and Nina Cooper

Gertrude Wilbanks

Guy Dicus, Marie Dicus, and Patsy Dicus

Marie Holley, Janalee Holley and Steve Holley

Jimmy and Barbara Jane Propst

Mary Lena and Diane Perry

Mrs. N.N. Voyles, Buddy Bane and Fernand Brackstone

Dave Sharp and Margaret Fowler

V.A. Grant

Sgt. Ed Allen, elected Chief of Police 9/13/54

Fish Bite Quick at Old Pickwick

Mayor Leslie Horn


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