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Corinth celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 1954. All photos contained in this collection were given to The Crossroads Museum by the Northeast Mississippi Regional Library. The photos were taken by local photographer Grady Peery.

This letter was in with the photos describing the event:


We had a lot of fun that week;
We all let down our hair.
We donned old-fashioned dresses,
And derbies, debonair.
Each girl looked cute --- just like the girl
That married dear old Dad.
The body all looked like grandpa,
When grandpa was a lad.
Our streets rang out with laughter;
Our quarrels were passe;
And oft the "Colonel's Lady"
With "Judy O'Grady" would play.
And sisterhood and brotherhood
Filled every Corinth heart.
Why can't it be Centennial
Each day in home and mart?

--------V.A. Grant

Judy Pannel

Old Time Transportation

"Ridin' Sidesaddle"

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Gant

Diane Burnett, Peggy Faires (queen), Ann Anderson, Shirley Murrah, Martha Youndy, Jo Ann Biggers, Dixie Hancock

Diane Burnett and Peggy Faires (queen)


Carolyn Godwin, Savannah Tn

"Y'all come to Savannah, TN Catfish Derby, June 30, 1954


Tupelo High School Band

Bob Shirley (hat), Mary Lena Perry (front), Frances Shelton, and Cliff Seymour (rear seat)

Mrs. Tom Bush, Chamber of Commerce Float

Kyle Stoop (driver), Melanie Honeycutt (left), and Mary Ann Davidson (right)

Diane Burnett, Peggy Faires (queen), Ann Anderson, Shirly Murrah, Martha Young, Jo Ann Biggers, Dixie Hancock, Martha Isom

Sheffield AL. High School Band


Station Wagon, Modell 1900 with Vinne McDonald (driver)


Indian Queen, Iuka. Iuka/Pickwick Dam Float with Dorothy Barnett(Indian Queen)


Clifford Boatman (rear), Mabel McRae, and Maury McRae

Savannah, TN's Famous Catfish Float

R.T. Darwin, Dennis Criswell, and Homer Criswell

Lorell Gatties, Vada Gee, and Leila Smith (rear)

Vada Gee, Lorell Gattis, and "Pie" Peerey

Mabel McRae, Maury McRae, and "Pie" Peerey

James Babb and Dennis Criswell (left)

Johnny Lynch

Hon Gordon Browning, former Gov of TN, the Principal Speaker

On Stand, left to right, Paul T. Jones, Frank Berry, Will Tom Abernathy, John D. Mercier, N.S. (Soggy) Sweat

Oscar Robbins, President, Corinth Centennial, Inc

Oscar Robbins with his favorite dog

Oscar Robbins and wife Mary Robbins

Mary Robbins, Oscar Robbins, and Mrs Grady Peerey

Oscar Robbins and Grady Peerey

Oscar Robbins and Mrs. Grady Peerey

Bill Key and Mercell Baldwin

Carl T Williams and Willie Coleman

"Slave Market Float" Sweetie Grayton (driving),Mose Cox (former slave), and L.V. Walker (holding sign)

Tupelo High School Band

Sheffield AL High School Majorettes

Corinth High School Band

"Emancipation Proclamation" Float; Sam Jones (standing)

Model 1893

Colored High School Band, Clarksdale, MS

Annie Maxie King (left), Bertha Walker (center), and Lena Faye Thomason (right)

A "Hoover Wagon" Load
Mrs. Ez Grayson (left) and Ez Grayson (driving)

Gladys King (right front) and Corinth Negro Citizens, William Grayson (standing)

Everett Lancaster, Ben Arthur Ledbetter, and Frank Madden

Co H, 155th Infantry

Marjorie Timmons

Flouncing and Bouncing Along

Janis Kemp

Mr and Mrs Joe Van Dyke (center) and interested spectators

N. G. Bishop

Mrs Tillie Parrish, Mrs Sue Curtis, and Jackie Curtis

Ann Harland Green and Brenda Green


Don Armstrong

Perry A. Johns Post No. 6 American Legion

Col Roscoe Turner, Mayor Leslie Horn, Leroy Gray and Wm. R.Stewart

The Passing Show of "54

Loretta Borroum and Bo Mitchell

Mrs Tillie Parrish, Mrs Sue Curtis, and Jackie Curtis

Marty Madden

Lugenia Epperson

Marilee Munger

Giving Her Pet a Lift

Gary Henson

Marcia Green Moore (with nurse)

Becky Nash, Holly Nash, and Clifford Boatman

Mr and Mrs Barney Brice Whitehurst, daughter. Lloyd Smith (right)

Heber Haynes and Page Haynes

Stanley Bennett

B.T. Whitfield and Mrs Maude Smith

James F Webb

Dr W.T. McMahan

J.L. Borroum (front), Mrs Ralph Dodd and Ralph Dodd

Delois Cooley

Reid Box (mounted), N.S. (Soggy) Sweat, Jr., and young admirer

Judy Marlow (left), Ann Marlow, Mrs Lillian Marlow, Jack Marlow,and S.L. Marlow

Mrs Grady Johnson and children, Sherry, Johnson, and Gary

David M Palmer

Martha Helen Nash, Holley Nash, Becky Nash, and Sally Nash

J.L. Borroum and Loretta Borroum. Charlie Graham

Jeff Briggs, Gertrude Briggs, Ludia Blankenship and Ralph Dodd (to right)

Camille, Beverly and "Bo" Mitchell

Mrs Fadra Dodd, Mrs Ruby Dean, Myra Dodd and Andre Dodd

E.S. Perkins

Mrs T.T. Weaver

Ruth Mowery, Robert Heyer, Jr, and Douglas Cochran

Mrs. Chas Ray, Sr, and Ely B Mitchell

Christian Crowder, Valaice McDaniel, Jackie McDaniel, Earl Crowder, Doris Inman, and Granville Inman

L.H. Belling, Memphis, TN, and "Sonny" Deckeshot, Milan , TN

Fred Thiesen, Connie Wilkins (Memphis, TN), and Mrs. Fred Thiesen

Mr and Mrs Grady Johnson and children

Did they meet on the corner and gossip 100 years ago?

Mayor Leslie Horn

Virginia Sharp

Waitin for the Parade, Joe L Cain (with camera)

Nelda McClamroch (front), Ann Anderson, Jo Ann Biggers, Diane Burnett, and Martha Young


The Sisters of the Swish

Drill Team, Shiloh Park Citizens Association

The Drill Team is Sponsored by Savannah, TN, Lions Club

Peggy Faires, Corinth's Hospitality Queen

Corinth's Hospitality Center played a major part in winning the $1,000 award

Governor Hugh White visits Corinth to present $1,000 check to Mississippi's most hospitable city of 1954 - July 28th

These will carry on Corinth's hospitable tradition (4-H Club Float)

Mabel and Dr Maury McRae

George Chambers and Dr. W.L. Stroup (in bonnet)

Billy Briggs and Marie Briggs

American Legion Color Guard

Rob Heyer, Jr, John D Mercier, and W.E. Counce

Harold Hinton

Robert Heyer Sr and Virgie Heyer

Diane Burnett, Peggy Faires (queen), Ann Anderson and Shirley Murrah

Howard Roberson, Jan Worsham and Pat Robertson

Gracie Harrison and Pheobe Hopper

The Poor Fish Couldn't Resist Such Bait

Miss Edna Khyat, Mississippi's Miss Hospitality

"Who Said Corinth's a one Horse Town?" Billy and Marie Briggs

Corinth High School Band, June Carroll (majorette)

Lt. Gov. Carroll Gartin and Mayor Leslie Horn

Bobby Worsham and Marie Rhoades

4-H Club Float

Here's To The Next 100!

Chickasaw Indian Treaty (scenes from "The Corinth Story"Pageant)

Peggy Faires crowned Centennial Queen by Mayor Leslie Horn

Hinkle Creek Community "Where Our Best Cooks Grow"

There's an Old Spinning Wheel on the Corner

Alcorn County Youth - Two Queens and a King

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